Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jadot Trois!

Oh, the life of a sommelier. So busy you don't have time for anything but leftovers!

Well, in this case, I'm perfectly happy, because my leftovers include about a third of a bottle of Jadot Chambolle-Musigny "Les Drazey" 2015. A very interesting nose with ripe red apple and, curiously enough, cactus pear and/or dragon fruit on the edge. Something cactus-ey.  Still a lot of noticeable terroir on this one, but more limestone than in my previous posts. And some interesting sulphite flavors, like mineral water, probably from a natural spring. Black cherry, elderberry, red currant on the palate, again with a subtle touch of crème fraîche, but not overdone in the least. I'm picking up a bit of green oak. mainly on the finish, which is fairly lengthy for such a young wine. I'm enjoying this with a quick fricassee of duck and mushrooms over waffles, but I could easily see it with spring lamb or venison, or even a hearty vegetarian dish of mushrooms (shiitake or oyster) and root vegetables (celeriac, parsnips, crosne, or jerusalem artichokes).

I won't say it's as ready for drinking as readily as my previous posts, but don't wait TOO long. Tannins are there, but complex, and will meld with that lactic flavor and become art. FIve years should do, drink within ten. This is a foodie wine. 

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